Edgar Allan Poe Illustrated “Ravings of love & death”

The book is a limited edition successfully funded with kickstarter on April 16th. 


An anthology for Edgar Allan Poe lovers, fully illustrated by David G. Forés. Two years of ravings in a deluxe and limited edition art Book.

“The publication of this art book is my dream and little tribute to Poe,
to who I dedicated lots of hours, ink and ravings.”

David G.Forés (illustrator)

Ravings of love & death is the poetic title of an anthology dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe lovers, gathering the most significant love and death stories of the writer. Meticulously illustrated by David G. Forés over the last two years, and designed by Carlos Ruiz, this is a publication where text, images and an original soundtrack immerse you into its story.

Features of Ravings of love & death:

  • Illustrated by David G. Forés
  • Designed by Carlos Ruiz
  • Original Soundtrack composed by Teo Grimalt
  • Hardcover edition with quality, unique detailing (more information to follow below).
  • Available in two languages: English and Spanish, for you to choose.
  • First-ever publication of this artwork, numbered and limited edition.


Ravings of love & death will only be available through Kickstarter, the author, or the publisher. This art book, with more than 120 illustrations across 184 pages, will measure 8.5×11.4 inches, and includes:

  • Two illustrated poems: The Raven and Annabel Lee;
  • Six stories: The Black CatThe Oval PortraitThe Tell-tale HeartHop-FrogThe Masque of the Red Death and
  • An unrevealed story, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, exclusively illustrated for Kickstarter supporters.
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s illustrated biography with notes and trivia of the stories.

Layout of the unrevealed story “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”

Reaching our funding goal means we can print 1,000 high-quality copies of the art book on heavyweight paper and include unique finishing details (such as UV spot varnish or die-cutting), dependent on the amount of funding reached. (More information of how the funding will be spent at the bottom of the page).

‘This is the Poe art book I’ve always wanted to have,
and now I want to share it with you’

David G.Forés (illustrator)

We give you the option to choose between three different editions; the level of finish depending on the amount you wish to pledge:

INSANE EDITION: 184 pages hardcover art book.

PERVERSENESS EDITION: Deluxe hardcover book presented in a slipcase, plus a limited edition giclée print – Numbered, series of 300.

GROTESQUE EXCLUSIVE EDITION: Handmade limited edition of 7, each one unique! Deluxe hardcover book with macabre detailing (e.g. fake blood, foil blocking), presented in a handmade slipcase. We will be revealing some examples of how this will look over the course of the campaign.

Picture of the “Insane Edition” & “Perverseness – Deluxe edition with slipcase” (limited edition to 300 copies)

ARTWORK: An amazing blending of illustration, design & music.

David G. Forés, the illustrator 

David originally started illustrating some of Edgar Allan Poe stories of the Ravings of love & death for an app, iPoe Collection. He then got hooked to the “sane insanity”. “The publication of this art book is a dream for me. Maybe rather than a dream, a delirious nightmare which I have been working on for two years” says David G. Forés.

The team believe that classical literature is like energy, never destroyed, but only transformed. Ravings of love & death is our attempt to revive one of these wonderful classics with illustrations and design that don’t only complement the narrative, but enhance the reading experience to become more immersive.

David’s illustrations are able to capture the reader’s gaze at the peak of the story, through a skilled use of psychological perspectives” Efrén García – Play Attitude (Editor)

Some illustrations by David G. Forés.

You can learn more about David G. Forés and his illustrations here.

Graphic design

The anthology we are hoping to publish is a unique work of art that uses multi-sensorial storytelling: words, illustration, graphic design and layout, execution and soundtrack all blend seamlessly into an immersive experience. For this edition, we collaborate with Carlos Ruiz, whose typographical skills create further harmony between the text and illustration.

Layout of the story “Hop-Frog”, where text is chained to the illustration.

You can learn more about Carlos Ruiz.

Original soundtrack

Moreover it includes the original soundtrack created by Teo Grimalt, who composed deep songs that perfectly go with the reading and brings to life Poe’s atmosphere even further.

Learn more about Teo Grimalt.

David, Carlos and Teo have combined their talents in this multi-sensorial reading experience – a true stroke of a genius. This illustrated wonder, combined with its soundtrack, envelops you in its mysterious aura… Well done guys!” - Efrén García – Play Attitude (Editor)

What lurks inside the book


All the physical rewards include a giclée print. Certain pledge rewards includegoodies exclusive to Kickstarter such as the David Sketchbook, the macabre vinyl with the original soundtrack, an original colored illustration or even the chance of being portrayed in the very same book. For the pledger that wants a truly one-of-a-kind experience, we also offer a supernatural experience with the aim of meeting Edgar Allan Poe’s spirit!

Examples of the “original sketch drawing” in the front of the book” & “the original color drawing”

Description of the various reward elements:

Collector’s Kit:

David sketchbook: 5.83×8.27 inch 48-page sketchbook with preliminaries, trivia & notes for you to discover the creative process of the illustrator.

Vinyl with the original soundtrack: 12″ vinyl with the fourteen songs inspired by Poe’s work, composed by Teo Grimalt. This reward also includes a download of the songs in mp3 format. We know you love vinyl, and the original soundtrack is worth listening!

Picture of the “vinyl with original soundtrack” and “David Sketchbook”

Giclée print: 8.27×11.69 inch inkjet print on heavyweight paper (203 lbs approx.). All the physical rewards include the “Master of Macabre” print. The “Annabel Lee” limited edition print (series of 300) is included in the “Perverseness edition” reward.

Picture of the giclée prints “The Master or Macabre” & “Annabel Lee” 

There are lots of references and anecdotes behind the illustrations in the book, some of which we will share during the Kickstarter campaign. That way, you can get to know us a bit more and share in our vision, and see with you own eyes why we believe in this dream! Stay tuned…


Play Attitude is an unusual publisher, established to realize the dreams & artistic visions of a group of people that could never get them published through large commercial publishers. At Play we work based on our personal desires, not market trends or commercial possibilities. All our projects have this touch of “artist’s love” that make them truly special. Check out our beloved works: Forgotten Colors, “El Recetario Mágico“ and The Guardian of Imagination.

David is one of the founders of the Play Attitude team. The publication ofRavings of love & death is David’s biggest dream, which he’s had for a long time… Whilst working with him on this project over the last two years, it has also become ours!

Who we are? In order of appearance:

Teo Grimalt: Composer · Efrén Garcia: Editor · Carlos Ruiz: Designer · Naiara Chaler: Communication · David G. Forés: Illustrator · Play: Black Cat, the good luck cat · Desiree Arancibia: Designer


We all know what this book means to David, so we decided that Ravings of love & death didn’t deserve to be kept in a box with a lid on, only because we don’t have the money to publish it. That’s why we decided to start a Kickstarter campaign: we truly believe that such a beautiful book must be shared with everyone who enjoys Poe’s stories, David’s illustrations, or simply anyone who enjoys literary classics.

We know this art book will be one of these objects that you enjoy and save knowing that you’ve got something really special.
We want to do an amazing art book, and are aware we are aiming for the sky! We want to include all those features that we’ve explained that will make it a unique edition. The following graph shows how the funding will be spent:

Graph that shows how the funding will be spent


Share the project!

So, the word is out. Thans for bearing with us and reading through our statement of intent! One last request: If you decide not to pledge yourself, but you like the project, PLEASE SHARE IT! Your friend or follower might be the one making us reach our funding goal, and thus make our dream reality!

Help us share the project. Here you find all you need!

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      If you need anything else don’t hesitate on contact us.

      Many thanks for your help and comprehension.

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